About Me

My name is Helen, I am currently living in Sheffield, UK but born and raised in Hong Kong.

Through my written words, I hope to raise awareness of underrepresented groups in our society and reveal social injustice. 

One of my greatest goals is to travel around to explore what is happening in different countries. Often the news we see only covers a small fraction of our world, which leads to misunderstanding, prejudice and stereotypes. I would like to share my experiences and provide a brand-new point of view of this world we live in. 

Besides, I am fond of pop cultures and fitness. 

My Featured Work

Free warm meal for youth in Darnall through the winter months

A youth club in Darnall has been striving to provide free meals for young people throughout the winter months.

Darnall Education and Sports Academy (DESA) started this programme two weeks ago. The club has been giving out warm food to their members every week. These meals are often from different cultures, either made by restaurants or home cooked.

Kamran Din, 39, Managing Director of DESA believed more youth clubs should do the same to keep teenagers warm and safe.

He said: “If this is not a

Rugby League World Cup bringing opportunities to Sheffield Youth

Young people in Sheffield are getting ready to welcome the Rugby League World Cup to the city as the first match is set to kick off tomorrow at Bramall Lane.

Around 50-60 youngsters will be involved in activities before the England v Greece men’s game, such as carrying the banners for the guard of honour and acting as mascots.

Students from Sheffield Girls’ Infant and Junior have also prepared a choir performance for halftime, where they will be performing “Right to be Loved”, a song that prom

Young Sheffield actors perform 'High School Musical'

Be prepared to meet the East High Wildcats, as Sheffield youth theatre group is presenting Disney’s High School Musical on stage this week.

The musical is produced by Splinters Theatre Group, which mainly casted young people aged under 20. The performance will take place from October 19 to 22, at The Montgomery.

Dominic Ridler, 28, musical director of the production said: “Due to the pandemic we have been waiting for a very long time to put this show on but we are delighted to finally be perfo

Bus Cuts Leaving One-third of Sheffielders Devastated, Including Students

Bus campaigners and frustrated passengers have urged bus services providers to “rethink their decisions” after recent decisions to slash transportation routes across the city.

Bus travellers, planet campaigns, and members from different political parties gathered in the city centre on Tuesday, protesting against cuts in bus routes that were announced earlier this week.

Fran Postlewaithe, 70, convener of Better Buses for South Yorkshire, told the Steel Voice: “It’s a very broad group of people

Britain’s Lifeboat Visa Scheme to Rescue Hong Kong’s Youth: Successful or not?

Marcus Cheung, 22, came to the UK by himself about eight years ago to study in the Isle of Wight.

He loves watching the Premiere League, and enjoys going out for drinks with his mates during weekends like a British teen would do. He sees his future here, where he consider as his home besides Hong Kong, his actual hometown.

Despite spending more than one-third of his life in this country, he is yet to be a citizen.

About a year ago, the British government launched its lifeboat scheme, which is

How to do deal with burnouts during exam season

Exam period is surely one of the most agonising and stressful times in our uni lives. The mountain-high pile of lecture notes and endless deadlines could drain all our energy out of our bodies after a series of long revision sessions. Here are some tips to keep you motivated throughout exam season.

If you feel overwhelmed by the massive workload and wonder where to kick off, try breaking them down into smaller, more tangible tasks. Instead of creating vague, unreachable goals on your to-do list

Opinion: Drinking socials aren’t the best part of university life

“I’m not into club nights and bar crawls. Am I missing out on everything?” I used to constantly ask myself this question. I thought going to these events could get me to know more people, make more friends and relieve my anxiety once in a while. However, not missing out on anything didn’t make me any happier. Drunk socials aren’t always as delightful as I once believed.

Maybe a night out can get you to mingle with other people, but is it the only way to make friends? Being drunk doesn’t magical

Shoutout to my ex - thank you for teaching me self love

Breaking up with someone is never a fun experience. The moment you walk away from them, you’re all alone again. We might cry ourselves to sleep for a while, “accidentally” drunk dial them one lonely night, or we might start asking a lot of questions, doubting that if we made the wrong decision of leaving them.

Separating from your ex is not the end of the world. A failed relationship teaches us love –– how to love yourself.